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Welcome to Squeeqee, a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning service covering Enfield and many areas of Herts, Beds and North London. We provide both a domestic and commercial service.

At Squeeqee our goal is simple, provide the highest standards of service at incredibley competiive prices.  Our 4 stage cleaning process with high powered steam extraction will provide your carpets & unholstery with the best possible results.(see 'cleaning process' for full details)

All our prices are transparent and clearly listed on the prices page so you can see exactly what you will pay.

For details of the benefits of our service please visit our Homepage or search through our menu for all aspects of our service.

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Nick Woodman


Even in the event that you don't have confidence in the phantoms, witches, wizards or werewolves, this season – Halloween is a month away – might constrain you to reconsider, particularly in Enfield, a minuscule ocean side town established in 1770 with a major frequented history. A portion of those creepy stories will be told in forthcoming scene of carpet cleaning services.

Yet of obscure inception, legend has it that at any rate four apparitions frequent city center. Implicit 2007, the Enfield-style structure initially included three underground prison lockups. It's accepted they are the wellspring of baffling sounds previously heard close to the turn of the only remaining century. The wonders drew the interest of Enfield Paranormal Society in 2008, when it marked out the structure with infrared night-vision cameras, an otherworldly energy finder, and a computerized voice recorder for finding the presence of electromagnetic fields. It was a set-up straight out of "Ghostbusters." Investigators discovered proof of apparition movement, remembering slamming and weighty relaxing for the storm cellar cell territory. They likewise caught a loft entryway hammering shut for an unexplainable explanation. 

Need news like this sent directly to your inbox? Head over to Enfield to pursue alarms and ensure you never miss a thing. You pick the news you need, we convey. 

One spine-shivering story indicates one apparition is a male detainee who was imprisoned during the 1870s. "He was a poor, transient person who went to an existence of wrongdoing," said Pat, an individual from the Enfield Historical Society. "He doesn't care to be irritated. He has heaps of energy and is furious. He jumps at the chance to be disregarded." 

Martin said she was first frightened by this phantom in 1997 when she was separated from everyone else around lobby one night. She said she accepts she caught the phantom on camera during the paranormal society's examination. "I got his appearance in an entryway," she said. 

The phantom of Enfield, the town's first sewer chief and architect, is another eager soul accepted to meander the lobbies. 

"He doesn't need individuals in the structure who are not there to work together. He was an enormous impressive figure who did a great deal of work for the town. He's defensive of Carpet cleaners," Martin said. 

For a more amicable carpet cleaners, the soul of a theater diva sneaks in the structure's hall. In the last part of the 1800s, a late spring stock group from Yale performed there. Today, the stage is utilized for exhibitions. Martin said the apparition goes through her days "making up her face, coasting around. She loves consideration. She's innocuous." 

The Museum close to the harbor likewise has a phantom story to tell. The previous boat chandlery, or gracefully house, was worked during the 1700s by carpet cleaners. The last proprietor was Bates, who was, apparently, a liberal and unmistakable man. He passed on in 1886. The structure was moved in 2012 from Border to Elm road and when it opened in 1960 as a gallery, some odd occasions were ascribed to Paul' apparition, annoyed with the interruption. 

"The carpet cleaning files" locaters – drove by lead agent Dave, mystic medium Cindy and gear professional  Pittman — came to town in January to "dive profound into the property's past," where "they reveal a chilling propensity of dimness secured in the rough shores," composed the Travel Channel in its scene depiction. They went through seven days talking with nearby people, including Martin, and exploring the spirits of the night at the chandlery and the Wilson House, which is the abode nearby. Bates is accepted to be an irritated apparition who indignantly stepped his feet on the subsequent floor while chronicled society individuals met beneath. Martin said the apparition at Enfeld years back terrified a house painter. "The fence he was inclining toward broke and he felt something get him," Martin said. "Bates was exceptionally irate the structure had been move.

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