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Luton started when the Saxons vanquished Bedfordshire in the sixth century. They made a homestead or settlement called a tun by the waterway Lea. (Lea might be a Celtic word meaning splendid stream). By the tenth century, the little settlement of Lea tun had developed into a town. Luton would appear to be little to us with a populace of just a few hundred. 

A significant number of the individuals of Medieval Luton lived by cultivating, in any event low maintenance yet there was a market in the town and it went about as a point of convergence for the encompassing towns. When of the Domesday Book (1086) 'Loitone' likely had a populace of 750-800. Again it would appear to be little to us yet by the principles of the time, Luton was a good size. Most towns just had populaces of 300. Later in the Middle Ages, the number of inhabitants in Luton likely rose to around 

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In the Middle Ages Luton had 6 watermills. One plant gave its name to Mill Street. In 1137 the Lord of the Manor assembled another congregation. In 1139 he constructed a mansion. This stronghold was destroyed in 1154 however it gave its name to Castle Street. 

In the late twelfth century a 'clinic' where helpless explorers could remain was worked in Farley Hill. There was another medical clinic in Luton, this one for debilitated individuals. It was devoted to the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene. 

Just as a market Medieval Luton had a reasonable. A reasonable resembled a market yet it was held just once per year. Luton's reasonable was held for multi week in August and it would pull in venders from as distant as London. Following 1500 Luton had a second reasonable in October. 

In 1336 there was an extraordinary fire in Luton which decimated a significant part of the town. Fire was a consistent risk in those days on the grounds that most structures were made of wood with covered rooftops. Nonetheless, on the off chance that they consumed they could be effectively revamped. Luton before long recouped from the fiasco. 

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For quite a long time Luton kept on being a calm market town serving the encompassing open country. In the sixteenth century a block making industry experienced childhood in Luton. Up to that point most houses were of wood however in the sixteenth century numerous individuals re-fabricated their homes in block. In the seventeenth century a straw cap making industry started. In the eighteenth century it came to overwhelm Luton. 

During the common wars of the seventeenth century there were 2 conflicts in Luton. The first happened in 1645 when a few traditionalists entered Luton and requested cash from the residents. Parliamentary officers came and in the resulting battle 5 traditionalists were murdered and 31 were caught. A subsequent conflict happened in 1666 when a traditionalist armed force went through Luton. A gathering of strays were gotten by parliamentary troopers in a hotel at the intersection of Bridge Street. The vast majority of the traditionalists got away however 9 were murdered. 

In the eighteenth century Luton kept on being a farming business sector town serving the neighborhood towns. Hatmaking was its solitary significant industry. In Georgian Luton there were the equivalent specialists you found in any market town, for example, brewers, cooks, butchers, woodworkers and smithies. In the mid eighteenth century an essayist stated: 'It has a market house and an enormous Monday market for corn with which this zone much proliferates'. 

Luton Hoo was underlying 1654 for the third Earl of Bute. It was planned by the engineer. Anyway it was to a great extent revamped after a fire in 1345 

For quite a long time there had been a passage over the Lea. In a scaffold was constructed and Street was made. 


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Luton developed quickly in the nineteenth century. In 1801 the populace was 3,999 By the norms of the time Luton was a reasonable measured market town. By 1899 the number of inhabitants in Luton had surpassed 10,000 and it kept on blasting. By 1901 it had arrived at 38,926 in excess of multiple times the 1801 level. 

The straw cap making industry kept on ruling Luton albeit some felt caps were made.

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