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Welcome to Squeeqee, a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning service covering Hertfordshire and many areas of Beds and North London. We provide both a domestic and commercial service.

At Squeeqee our goal is simple, provide the highest standards of service at incredibly competitive prices.  Our 5 stage cleaning process with high powered steam extraction will provide your carpets & upholstery with the best possible results.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly experienced service established in 2007

  • 5 stage cleaning process (see below) giving your carpets there deepest EVER clean!

  • Commercial grade 600 psi twin vac steam extraction machine removing 99.9% of all carpet contaminants.

  • 100% chemical and detergent free cleans available on request.

  • AXA full liability insurance to the value of £1 Million.

  • Member of the Google certified services scheme.

  • Incredibly competitive and clearly listed pricing structure.

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Prices

All the prices listed below are the total price you pay for the 5 stage deep clean. (minimum charge of £60 applies)

carpet cleaning price Hertfordshire


  • Lounge £30

  • Through lounge (lounge/diner combined) £50

  • Dining room £30

  • Double bedroom £25

  • Single bedroom £20

  • Stairs (per flight) £25

  • Landing £10

  • Hallway £15

  • Toilet £5

  • Bathroom £10

  • Large rug £20

  • Medium rug £15

  • Small rug £10

  • x-small £5

Upholstery cleaning Hertfordshire


  • 1 seater sofa £20

  • 2 seater sofa £30

  • 3 seater sofa £40

  • Corner sofa  £60

  • Dining chairs £5 (just seated area)

  • Dining chairs £8 (fully covered)

  • Footstool £10


  • Lounge £10

  • Through lounge £20

  • Dining rooms £10

  • Bedrooms £7

  • Stairs £10

  • Upholstery £5-£10

commercal carpet cleaning Hertfordshire


We provide our commercial carpet cleaning service to the following sectors

  • offices

  • pubs

  • restaurants

  • shops

  • schools

We charge 14p per square foot ( £1.40p per square meter) for all of our commercial cleaning.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Processs

Our 5 stage clean below gives your carpets the deepest possible clean. Just look at the contaminants we can remove from your carpet! 

  • Soils & dirt

  • Chemicals & pesticides

  • Dust mites

  • Pet allergens & pollen

  • Bacteria & viruses

  • Mycotoxins & endotoxins



First the carpets are sprayed with a solution that is specially formulated to break down dirt, oil and greases held within the carpet.



The pre-spray solution is then 'agitated' deep into the carpet pile with a specialist machine with multi-directional high power brushes. This not only throughly mixes in the solution but also rejuvenates the carpet pile.


Stain removal

Any marks or stains on the carpet will be treated with stain removers. 

It must be noted that although every attempt will be made to remove marks and stains it is not possible to guarantee all stains can be removed. Factors including type of stain, texture of carpet and the length of time the stain has been on the carpet will all play a part in determining its removal.


Steam Extraction

Our hot water extraction unit jets boiling water with cleaning solutions into the carpet at pressure and then immediately extracts them out with all dirt and contaminants into a waste tank. Our extraction units are 600 psi, twin vacuums with inline heaters creating immediate boiling water.


Deodouriser & Sanitiser

On completion of cleaning the carpets will be sprayed with a pleasant smelling deodouriser leaving your them smelling clean and fresh!

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Land: 01727 613 056

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We're looking for a professional carpet cleaning service near Hertfordshire that can also provide a carpet protection service? Squeeqee are professional carpet cleaners that can also offer a scotch guard stain protection service for customers in the Hertfordshire area. Are there any carpet cleaning professionals in Hertfordshire that can provide a commercial carpet cleaning service? Squeeqee offer all aspects of commercial carpet cleaning for offices, restaurants, pubs, hotels and many other categories. Has anyone got a recommendation for a steam carpet cleaning service for Hertfordshire that is effective for pet stains and muddy shoes? If you want a company that can deal with a variety different carpet stains and conditions then squeeqee is a great choice of carpet cleaning service.  How much does the average carpet clean cost in Hertfordshire for home/house cleaning? The price of a carpet clean will depend on what you require cleaning but Squeeqee is known to be very well priced for the excellent service they provide. When is the best time to get your carpet cleaned in terms of drying?  A professional steam clean should have a drying time of around 3 hours as most of the moisture is extracted from the carpet by the powerful vacs. What is squeeqee's carpet cleaning process for its customers in Hertfordshire and will the results be noticeable? At Squeeqee all of its customers in Hertfordshire will receive a powerful steam extraction as part of a 4-stage process that will leave the carpet incredibly clean and smelling fresh!