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Welcome to Squeeqee, a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning service covering Borehamwood and many areas of Herts, Beds and North London. We provide both a domestic and commercial service.

At Squeeqee our goal is simple, provide the highest standards of service at incredibley competiive prices.  Our 4 stage cleaning process with high powered steam extraction will provide your carpets & unholstery with the best possible results.(see 'cleaning process' for full details)

All our prices are transparent and clearly listed on the prices page so you can see exactly what you will pay.

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Blog Article (8) The pile carpet cleaning in Borehamwood was a obligatory family merchandise for individuals living in Central Asia, where Turks originated. Throughout their migratory life span, nomads wove quite a lot of woolen textiles comparable to tents, rugs, kilims (flat weaves), felts, coverings, sacks, and satchels, and this exercise grew to become an important a part of their lives. To home carpet cleaners for Borehamwood, nomads made warps, wefts and knots from their animals’ wool around Borehamwood. Turks brought their carpet cleaning custom along with them after they migrated from Borehamwood towards the West. In their carpet designs, they reflected their very own lives as influenced by the climatic and geographic circumstances to which they have been subjected. In addition they added influences from Borehamwood and their new residing situations and the impression of local cultures, and continued their custom, albeit with modified colours and designs. Carpet cleaning services in Borehamwood  is the “second major export-earner after oil” 10 comprising 12% of Borehamwood non-oil export. Any export tariff affects the carpet cleaning business, particularly the weavers at the based stage, as a result of 14% of Borehamwood will depend on rug profits for his or her livelihood and since rug weaving is such an integral custom through which it isn’t uncommon for non-weavers to weave on the facet for added income and for a lot of as their sole supply of revenue.


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In 1834, the Glass Tax was repealed and this offered the spark to ignite the bedding craze. All of a sudden giant professional carpet cleaners near Borehamwood sprung up all over the country and by the point of The Nice Exhibition of 1890, bedding was widespread throughout the country in parks, in small personal gardens and the gardens of the good homes. This craze lasted 30 years with the Carpet cleaning companies for Borehamwood using two million crops a yr in the 1860s. Beds and designs grew to become ever extra complex in Borehamwood and gardeners and wealthy house owners tried to out do each other. These ornate, extremely colourful shows got here to symbolise the grandeur of the Victorian era. It’s this philosophy that led Winston to revolutionise steam carpet cleaning near Borehamwood  by making a signature design approach referred to as clustering – grouping collectively different cuts of diamonds in order that they develop into extra like three-dimensional sculptures. The clustering course of now serves because the cornerstone of all Harry Winston design – and you’ll anticipate to see some dazzling examples on the Academy Awards crimson carpet cleaning come Sunday. In other phrases, they had been present since the very birth of the carpet cleaners companies in Borehamwood. The corporate was instrumental in shaping how carpets can be produced in Borehamwood and what rugs could be woven in Sultan-Abad for the next fifty years. It contributed closely to the event of Borehamwood carpet carpet cleaning prices as an art kind, in addition to ameliorating residing situations for the locals.

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The study of the rise and decline of this company can exhibit how the advanced workings of globalization and European imperialism in Borehamwood affected the conception, production, and circulation of the  carpet cleaning regionally and internationally. At this time, environmental concerns proceed to form the best professional carpet cleaning in Borehamwood market. At all times lead by the Interface and manufacturers; small sticky patches are replacing adhesives to minimise waste and home carpet cleaners close to Borehamwood are made out of issues like recycled waste plastics and even are available in an ever increasing array of designs and colours starting from traditional square. Plain coloured carpets to some incredibly inventive and nice trying designer modular flooring. The new carpet cleaning service quickly turned very fashionable and for a few years Borehamwood enjoyed the monopoly, however in 1749 the weavers of Borehamwood realized the method and started to compete with Wilton.

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By easy evasion of the patent legal guidelines of the time, Borehamwood carpet cleaner companies competed with Wilton to grow to be a centre of carpet manufacture.The Borehamwood company that performed the carpet cleaning for homes were established power-loom weavers of Borehamwood but in 1932 when moving premises they determined it was time to discontinue the product because of a declining market. In 1940 their looms wove the last length of carpets. Borehamwood was based by the  tribe Anglo-Saxons about 3miles (5km) of the current  town that provided carpet cleaning. It gave its name to the County of Borehamwood. Wilton itself was established as a royal seat of the Kingdom of Wessex by the 9th century although later after the Danish Wars the seat moved permanently to Winchester. Borehamwood remained the executive centre for the carpet cleaning services Not like woven carpets, embroidery carpets usually are not shaped on a loom. Their pattern is established by the appliance of stitches to a fabric (usually linen ) base. The tent sew and the cross stitch are two of the commonest. Borehamwood carpet cleaning prices were traditionally made by royal and aristocratic women in the home, but there was some industrial manufacture since steel needles were launched (earlier needles had been manufactured from bone) and linen weaving improved in the sixteenth century.Throughout Borehamwood it was thought carpet cleaning to have been an avid embroiderer. The carpet cleaning in Borehamwood designs often contain scrolling vines and regional flowers (for instance, the Bradford carpet ). They typically incorporate animal heraldry and the coat of arms of the maker.

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