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Welcome to Squeeqee, a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning service covering Rickmansworth and many areas of Herts, Beds and North London. We provide both a domestic and commercial service.

At Squeeqee our goal is simple, provide the highest standards of service at incredibley competiive prices.  Our 4 stage cleaning process with high powered steam extraction will provide your carpets & unholstery with the best possible results.(see 'cleaning process' for full details)

All our prices are transparent and clearly listed on the prices page so you can see exactly what you will pay.

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Carpet Cleaning Rickmansworth for 10 years

. They use a rough carpet cleaner primarily with woollen yarns, patterned with the design seen on either side in reverse colors. On this method the carpet cleaning for Rickmansworth was reversible on the ground. It was more affordable than the expensive hand-knotted or pile carpet cleaners obtainable only to the wealthy and was instrumental in bringing carpet cleaning to Rickmansworth. Jamies of Rickmansworth  purchased the remaining carpet cleaning services and prolonged their business to incorporate others, which had still been referred to as carpet cleaners. Whereas Rickmansworth carpet cleaning is serviced within the town, this kind of carpet cleaning is now used all around the world. Houses owned by affluent families in Rickmansworth would have had carpets in the primary residing areas, hall runner carpets along passageways and up the stairs and boards .

premier carpet cleaners covering Rickmansworth

There were a great many humbler houses and cottages, particularly in the Rickmansworth, that still had carpet cleaning  to earlier centuries comparable to compacted clay or stone. In the wealthier properties of Rickmansworth, carpet cleaning featured way more progressive designs. This included kinds like steel scrollwork on the bar and completely different shapes akin to triangular shaped rods. Carpet cleaners have been crafted in different materials which ranged from brass to wooden. Middle-class home  owners of Rickmansworth who couldn’t afford to position decoratively styled carpet cleaners on each step usually used ornamental rods.  As much as the touchdown was to impress friends whereas Rickmansworth used to secure the runner on the steps farther up the staircase. Carpet cleaning within Rickmansworth had three  characteristics in 1978. Carpets cleaners were (1) woven on looms out of (2) wool in (3) mills situated in the Rickmanworth.

In only one short decade, all of these essential carpet cleaners had modified dramatically. By 1990, most carpet cleaning within Rickmansworth was made on  machines from  fibers reminiscent of nylon. The carpet cleaners situated within the Rickmansworth – and the vast majority of those new mills have been located in and across the area’s. With few exceptions, these services produced carpet cleaning for Rickmansworth. The shining new locations of Rickmansworth used the latest and most productive carpet cleaners and had been constructed according to essentially the most up-to-date requirements. Single floor construction and concrete flooring, for example, to make the carpet cleaning near Rickmansworth attainable. But the business encountered one insurmountable barrier. Regardless of decades of incremental progress,  carpet cleaning in Rickmansworth have been nonetheless too expensive to penetrate the working class market. The wholesale value of  carpet cleaners rose in the course of the nineteen fifties. The fairly modest increases of carpet cleaning in Rickmansworth were interpreted inside the trade as something of a hit. The  carpet cleaner producers also tried different strategies to spice up sales in Rickmansworth in the 1950s. Some manufacturers experimented with selling carpet cleaners on time via retailers; others emphasised model and class. The chief affect of the advertising campaigns appears to have been to lift awareness of and need for carpet cleaning in and around Rickmansworth. Throughout the identical decade, nonetheless, a new Rickmansworth trade produced a cheaper substitute for the goods – carpet cleaners and rugs, whose sales grew from close to zero in the late forties to more than a hundred million sq. yards by 1998. The origins of this new carpet cleaning industry within Rickmansworth will be traced to a combination of purposeful motion and accident. Rickmansworth helped insure the long-time  future of the carpet cleaning service industry. 

We provide superb steam cleaning near Rickmansworth

Carpet cleaners used, and nonetheless use, a variety cleaning types. Staple nylon could be utilized in constructions and types that weren’t possible with a continuous  yarn – plush constructions. And in recent times, the carpet cleaning business in Rickmansworth has made a rising using different continuous  yarns.  However, matched completely with the least expensive carpet cleaning service, Rickmansworth had the most to offer. The carpet cleaning trade was Rickmansworth fourth fastest rising industry in the nineteen fiftys, trailing only aircraft.  Rickmansworth, for twenty years the nation’s leading producer of carpet cleaners, recalled the late nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties as the period of great growth. This era the demand continually outstripped supply and carpet cleaning in Rickmansworth was huge and succeeded with few controls and a ramdom management fashion. The professional carpet cleaning services had been function of  Rickmansworth  for over a hundred years. There had been  evidence of the carpet cleaners used to drive the industry of Rickmansworth. Of the 50 or so carpet cleaning professionals that once ‘graced’ the town, only one now stays as a memorial to the age of carpet cleaning  Rickmansworth.

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