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The benefits of Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Need a carpet clean...'s probably worse than you think!

Has the dog burst through the back door covered in mud- and straight across the carpet? 

Has your bundle of joy thrown the rattle off the feeding chair-along with the bottle of milk and bowl of pureed spag bol?

Kids rushed in and haven’t taken there shoes off…again. That’s not to mention the spilt tea and a whole host of little marks whose identity are a mystery to you!

Looking over your carpet you can’t help but feel depressed. They look dirty and tired and bringing the rest of the house down.


You’ve had enough!

But the worst is still to come.

Healthy carpets

Would you like to know the real problem...

 It’s what is bubbling away deep down inside the carpet-away from sight. You may have heard people speak of ‘unhealthy carpets’… let’s take a look at what’s really going on!

Carpet cleaning service

Trapped pollutants

Carpets retain several sources of indoor air pollutants. Pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead particle pollution to name but a few. Toxic airborne gases can adhere to these particles and get trapped in the carpet.  Everyday activities can release these gases into your home. Vacuuming or simply walking can contaminate the air for you and your family.


Dust mites

Are you aware that carpets are a haven for dust mites? Especially dirty carpets! The mites feed on your dead skin cells, bacteria and fungi. This promotes an ideal breeding ground. As they ‘re microscopic you will not see them.

Dust mites themselves aren’t allergens-but the faeces they leave behind are…and they produce around 20 dropping a day. Dust mite allergy is extremely common and is most associated with asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Unfortunately, young children who play on the floor can be most at risk



These can develop in a dirty carpet and are also connected to damp and mould. This can cause you some very unpleasant reactions including stomach infections, reduced immune system and further triggering of allergies.

Soil gases

For a while now it has been known that outside contamination levels, especially in soil, can reach the same concentration levels in your home.

Studies show that soil gases- such as the harmful decay products of radon plus organic compounds including pesticides-enter the micro environment and adhere to the surface of the carpet. When the carpet is then walked on, these gases are released into the environment and seriously effect the indoor air quality

It goes without do not want ANY of these in your carpets

Stains removed from carpet

Is there a solution?

Armed with your new found knowledge about the secret life of your carpet, you would be forgiven for feeling an added sense of despair!

But is there a solution? Thankfully… there absolutely is.

Removing germs from a carpet

Professional hot water extraction - how it benefits your home

Boiling water with cleaning solutions are jetted into the carpet at pressure and then immediately extracted out via high power vacuums into a waste tank.

Not only can it clean all the stuff you can see… it eliminates and removes all the stuff you can’t!

Look at the list below of all possible contaminants in your carpet…

  • Soils & dirt

  • Chemicals & pesticides

  • Dust mites

  • Pet allergens & pollen

  • Bacteria & viruses

  • Mycotoxins & endotoxins


Rest assured…hot water extraction can remove ALL of the above.


All carpet cleaning manufacturers recommendations for cleaning are crystal clear. They call for periodic professional cleaning with the emphasis on extracting foreign substances. These measures protect the carpet and promote health.

Most people clean there carpets because they look bad. Seldom does anyone realise or acknowledge that the carpets need to be cleaned to protect there health! In spite of this, every time a hot water extraction is carried out…pollutants are removed and the indoor environment is greatly enhanced for your family!

Laying on a clean carpet

How can we help with your carpets?

Imagine this. How great would it feel. You are now looking at your carpets but it’s different. Gone are the muddy paw marks all across the lounge. The pile of cat fur in the corner. ..gone.


Those annoying black marks that always caught your eye…vanished! The funny smell that you couldn’t put your finger on…disappeared! Your carpet looks brighter.

The pile looks much fuller. It looks, feels and smells fantastic. You look over and see your kid lying on the floor-no problem-its completely bug free…it’s completely healthy!


You can achieve all of this with our professional 5 stage deep carpet clean. It will leave your carpets squeaky clean and just as importantly…healthy for your home...

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